A variable is a name given to a memory space that the program will use and manipulate. The variable should have a data type, depending on what we want to store in it, and the size of data that can hold.

Define a Variables

In C#, we define a variable as the following: 

<DataType> VariableName; 

Example of defining a variable: 

string strVariable;

Datatype can be of the data types that we have discussed earlier, as well as used defined data type, such as a strut, class, etc. 

Variable of the same data type can be defined all together. Example: 

string str1, str2,str3;

Initialize a variable

Defining a variable is just reserving a space for the variable. Initializing is assigning a value to the variable.

Example of initializing a variable

string str;
str = "TutorialsPanel";

Variable can be defined and assigned at the same time.

Example of defining and assigning a variable

string str = "TutorialsPanel";

More example of initializing variable

int a = 2;
byte b = 14;
double d = 15.99;
char c = 'f';
float f = 5.2;



Last modified: July 28, 2018


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