Auto-Complete ComboBox Using C#

A combo-box is a window form control that developers use for better user experience. It’s a combination of a dropdown list and a text box. It allows the user to select the desired item or directly type a value into the control. To better understand this tutorial, you should know following C# programming areas:  C#... » read more

An Overview of Object-Oriented Programming in C#

Object-Oriented Programming in a Nutshell The complexity of software is ever growing, with its related issues—large codebases that may be difficult to understand and maintain. Programmers keep the complexity in check using any of a variety of programming styles, technically called programming paradigms. To better understand this tutorial, you should know the following C# programming areas:... » read more

C# Array Tutorial

An array is a data structure that can store a fixes sized collection of elements that belong to the same data type. For example, an array can store a sequence of numbers that starts from 1 to 10. Each item has an index that is represented by a number. For example: arr [0] represents the... » read more