A brief introduction to jQuery

This course teaches you the fundamental concepts of jQuery programming. To learn jQuery, you must have some basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. With the help of this course, you will be able to go from zero to intermediate level of jQuery development.

So without any further delay, let’s start with our first lesson. In this lesson, will you learn what jQuery is? Who created it and why you should learn jQuery for your front-end tasks?

What is JQuery?

Recently web development industry has seen an emerging trend of using frameworks and libraries to speed up the development process. Some of these frameworks and libraries couldn’t even make to the public but a few libraries, including jQuery, has changed the web development landscape for good.

jQuery is a lightweight, cross-platform JavaScript library with extensive useful features that lets you fast-track you’re programming by handling most of the JavaScript code for you. jQuery indeed acts on its motto – “write less, do more.” It makes code short, easy-to-read, and manageable. It also simplifies sending requests to the server and receiving a response in return using AJAX without the need of page refresh.

Who Develops jQuery?

John Resig wrote jQuery in 2006 at BarCamp. It is a free and open source JS library currently developed by a team of designers and developers. Today, there an enormous number of websites uses jQuery to create front-end interactivity and animations.

What makes jQuery so great?

With jQuery, you can achieve many front-end effects, animations while creating interactive web forms as well.

  1. It is relative of small size. A compressed current version of JQuery library is only around a few kB. You can download the source file from the official web site and can include directly into your website, or you can use the CDN link to use JQuery.
  2. JQuery has a minimal learning curve. Even if you are starting to learn web development or front-end designing, you can learn it without any difficulty.
  3. It is widely tested and one of the most popular JavaScript library. It has been used on millions of websites, and so far, developers seem happy.
  4. It is free and comes with a huge community of developers investing their time and effort to improve it with every new release.

What jQuery can do for you?

It has a vast number of useful functions which make the developer’s life easy.

  1. It lets you select DOM elements to perform manipulation.
  2. It lets you create an effect like the show or hide elements etc.
  3. It lets to traverse all DOM tree to create CSS animations with just a few lines of code
  4. It enables you to create animations or perform many actions on a selected element at a time
  5. It lets you manipulate elements or their attributes
  6. It allows you to create jQuery plugins to implement specific tasks or effects. You can create separate plugins to validate forms, adding drop-down navigations, or create slide shows of featured images of your website in less than half time it would take if you take the JavaScript route.


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