WordPress 5.2 gets the much needed security features

WordPress version 5.2, called “Jaco” in honor of popular jazz bassist Jaco Pastorius, is available for download from the official website. The new version comes with some robust tools, and a number of functional improvements, but the most important updates are related to the security features including a modern cryptography library, site health section and... » read more

How to create a custom post type in WordPress

WordPress started as blogging software and got pretty famous in that. However, since WordPress 3.0, it has earned a reputation of a content management system (CMS) with the ability to handle almost any kind of website. WordPress can be used to create anything from an online portfolio to a multi-vendor E-Commerce platform. Creating a custom post... » read more

A Beginners Guide to the Loop in WordPress

While discussing WordPress, specific themes, and plugin development, the loop is inevitably the most important concept. The loop is the heart of WordPress themes development, and when you are looking at any blog like tutorialspanel.com’s home page, you see the content fetched and displayed by the loop. An introduction to the Loop in WordPress In... » read more

Perform a security check for your WordPress website

Planning, creating, and deploying any website can be a long and sometimes expensive process. It could be your blog, professional business website or your online business. No matter, what purpose your site is serving, it is essential to keep it secure and functional. If left unguarded, hackers can steal your information, install malicious software or... » read more

How to make your WordPress site faster

We are living in an era where everyone is consuming information at the rate no one could imagine a decade ago. Smartphones have changed the way we used to communicate and look for the info. Nowadays, people are busy – reading, searching for information, or talking on their devices. No one has the time to... » read more