ASP.NET GridView: Sort data using column headers

How to sort data in ASP.NET GridView using column headers GridView is a powerful data grid control which allows us to display the values of a data source in a table format where each column represents a field and each row represents a record. The GridView control lets you select, sort, or edit these data... » read more

Disable a DropDownList item in Asp.Net using C#

In this article, we will learn how to disable an item (option) using C#. After disabling it, the user will not be able to select the DropDownList. How to Disable a DropDownList first item in Asp.Net using C# Let’s create a simple table ‘customers’ as shown below: CustomerId (INT), CustomerName (NVARCHAR 50) CustomerEmail (NVARCHAR 50)... » read more

ASP.Net DropDownList Filter and Search items using JavaScript

In this article, we will learn how to create, search, and filter a DropDownList control in Asp.Net as using JavaScript. Filter and Search ASP.Net DropDownList items using JavaScript Fist, let start by creating a WebForm, then add controlse to it as shown below: <div> <asp:TextBox ID="txtFilter" runat="server" onkeyup="FilterDDL(this.value)"></asp:TextBox><br /> <asp:DropDownList ID="ddlColors" runat="server"> <asp:ListItem Text="Black" Value="1"></asp:ListItem> <asp:ListItem... » read more

ASP.NET GridView RowUpdating event using C#

In this article, we will learn how to use the RowUpdating event of GridView in Asp.Net using C# with an example. This example takes advantage of GridView control and perform edit and update operations on data and save the changed data in the database. RowUpdating event in the GridView in Asp.Net using C# Let’s get... » read more

Asp.Net GridView: Insert, Update, and Delete data using C#

Overview of CRUD operations using ASP.NET GridView Crud operation ( create, read, update, and delete) is another term of the Select, Insert, Update, and Delete actions. In this example, we will use a simple database table to perform these operations from an ASP.NET GridView. Let’s get started by creating the database and the table. The Database... » read more

ASP.NET MVC upload multiple files

In this article, we will learn how to upload multiple files using Asp.Net MVC and HTML 5. Upload multiple files using ASP.NET MVC HTML5 allows you to select and upload multiple files at the same time. Once the files are uploaded, you can process these using Asp.NET MVC. The view contains an HTML form with... » read more

JavaScript Disable browser’s back button in ASP.Net

Web browsers enable users to go back to the previous page while browsing the internet by clicking on the back button. But sometimes, you need to prevent the user from visiting the previous page. You might want to disable the browser’s back button but you can’t disable the functionality through the code in the web... » read more

LINQ Aggregation methods in C#

Below are the most used aggregation functions in the Linq class with examples. First, add the namespaces as shown below: using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; Now, create a list of type integer and assign a few variables to it. List<int> list = new List<int>() { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 }; LINQ Sum Function It returns... » read more

C# List Examples

A list is a generic collection of items that can be accessed by index. You can access, search, sort, or manipulate the list items just like you can do with an Array. What is a list in C# The List is a class in the System.Collections.Generic namespace. It is a generic class that any type... » read more

Introducing Hooks in React

Hooks in React. The latest feature since React 16.8 Class-based components are a little bit complex but the only way to use states and lifecycles. You have to create a boilerplate code to maintain the states and bind functions, and then there are methods like componentDidMount, UnMount, etc. If you are creating a large app... » read more

React and PHP

How to use PHP with React to create a Feedback form So, let’s start from the basics. Creating the react app If you haven’t installed the create-react-app on your PC, you should install it. Go to your command prompt and enter the following commands to access your www directory. Now, enter npx create-react-app lesson17 lesson17... » read more

How to start, stop, and restart Windows Services using C#

Windows Services are a core part of the Windows Operating System which is responsible for creating and managing the long-running processes. In this article, we will learn how to start, stop, and restart a windows service using C# programming language. Starting a Windows Service using C# This method below will start the windows service “aspnet_state”... » read more

C# String Format for DateTime Overview

In this tutorial, we are going to use the method String.Format to format string for DateTime DataType. Format a String for DateTime using C# Example: DateTime dateTime = DateTime.Now; String date; date = String.Format("Date & Time Format: {0}", dateTime); Console.WriteLine(date); date = String.Format("Date Only Format: {0:D}", dateTime); Console.WriteLine(date); date = String.Format("Time Only Format: {0:T}", dateTime);... » read more