An Introduction to Sessions in ASP.NET MVC Core 2.2

This article will demonstrate how to use session in ASP.NET core 2.1, 2.2. We will learn how to configure the session in the startup.cs class, sets a value of a session variable, and then read the value of that session and display it on the user interface. How to use Sessions in ASP.NET MVC Core... » read more

Block/Unblock USB Ports in windows using VB.NET

In vb.NET, it is possible to control the port of windows, by editing the values in the local registry. Below are two functions that can be used to block and unblock USB ports using VB.NET. First, you need to import namespace below: Imports Microsoft.Win32 Disable/Block USB Port using VB.NET Private Sub BlockUSPPort() Dim regKey As... » read more

Create a Simple Thread Program Using C#

This sample code will teach you the basic of creating a thread in C#. The console app that we are about to create will a new ThreatStart delegate that will point to a method which will be executed by the thread. The delegate will be passed as a parameter whenever a new thread instance is... » read more