WordPress 5.2 gets the much needed security features

WordPress version 5.2, called “Jaco” in honor of popular jazz bassist Jaco Pastorius, is available for download from the official website. The new version comes with some robust tools, and a number of functional improvements, but the most important updates are related to the security features including a modern cryptography library, site health section and... » read more

How to create a custom post type in WordPress

WordPress started as blogging software and got pretty famous in that. However, since WordPress 3.0, it has earned a reputation of a content management system (CMS) with the ability to handle almost any kind of website. WordPress can be used to create anything from an online portfolio to a multi-vendor E-Commerce platform. Creating a custom post... » read more

A Beginners Guide to the Loop in WordPress

While discussing WordPress, specific themes, and plugin development, the loop is inevitably the most important concept. The loop is the heart of WordPress themes development, and when you are looking at any blog like’s home page, you see the content fetched and displayed by the loop. An introduction to the Loop in WordPress In... » read more

Everything you need to know about CSS Box Model

If you want to be a front-end designer, you need to understand the basic concepts of CSS, like the Box model, Positions, overflow, etc. In this tutorial, I will be explaining the CSS Box Model and its usage in today’s web development. What is Box Model? No matter how simple or complex your website layout... » read more

Implementation of Binary Trees in C++

A binary tree is a data structure with a finite set of nodes consisting of: A unique node with no parents called root and zero or more subtrees. Every node can be connected to an arbitrary number of nodes, called children. Nodes with no children are called external nodes or leaves. Internal nodes are the... » read more

Introduction to DNS lookup function in PHP

In this example, you will learn about the DNS look function in PHP and how to use it. For demonstration purpose, we will create a simple HTML form which takes domain name from as the user input. The form will be submitted to practice_ac.php which contains the PHP code to lookup the DNS record of the domain... » read more

Perform a security check for your WordPress website

Planning, creating, and deploying any website can be a long and sometimes expensive process. It could be your blog, professional business website or your online business. No matter, what purpose your site is serving, it is essential to keep it secure and functional. If left unguarded, hackers can steal your information, install malicious software or... » read more

An Introduction to Arrays in PHP

In any programming language, a variable is a memory location that holds a value. It could be a number, string, an object but at a time, it can contain only one value. What if you need 20 such values, or 50 or even 100? One way is to declare and initialize those 100 variables. The... » read more

Preventing Multiple Submissions on the Server Side using PHP

The code below will help you to prevent multiple form submission from the users using PHP. First, create a web form as shown below. <?php session_start (); ?> <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <link href="" rel="stylesheet"> <style> *{box-sizing:border-box;} body{font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif; color:#333; font-size:14px; background-color:#dadada; padding:100px;} input{padding:5px; margin-bottom:5px; width:300px;} </style> <body> <?php if(isset($_POST['submit'])){ if (!isset (... » read more

How to create a multi-page form in PHP

When creating a multi-page form, you can save the data being entered at every step in session variables or temporary database. In this tutorial, we will be creating three different pages to save the information being entered in the session variables. Multi-page Form in PHP To get started, create a web form as shown below <?php... » read more

Preventing Multiple Submissions on the Client Side using jQuery

Do you want to prevent the user from submitting the form more than once? To prevent multiple submissions on the client side, you can just disable the submit button so a user cannot click twice. Using the jQuery code below can do the trick. Disable a button using jQuery <form class="" action="" method="post"> <h4>Please enter... » read more

How to create a Bar Chart using PHP

To create bar chart using PHP, you can use the built-in function Imagefilledrectangle() which draw a rectangle according the given x and y coordinates. The Syntax imagefilledrectangle ( resource $image , int $x1 , int $y1 , int $x2 , int $y2 , int $color ) : bool The Parameters $x1, $y1 set the top... » read more

How to draw a Pie chart using PHP

Creating an image using PHP may seem like a daunting task, but it is straightforward if you know what are you trying to draw using PHP’s GD library for images. Pie Charts in PHP To create a pie chart in PHP, create a new file piechart.php as shown below. <?php $image_width = 400; $image_height = 400;... » read more

Use Cookies to Create Page Counter in PHP

In this tutorial, we are going to learn to create a simple cookie-based visitor counter. This counter will start from zero and will be incremented for each visit. For the sake of testing the code, the counter will reset after you close the browser. setcookie() defines a cookie to be sent along the rest of... » read more

Global Variable $_SERVER Explained in PHP

$_SERVER is an array containing information about server and execution environments. The array has values for headers, paths and script locations. The values are created by the web server. Let’s go through the $_SERVER array. You can see the complete list of variables in the array using the following code. List of Complete Global $_SERVER... » read more