Introduction to Inheritance in PHP

Inheritance is one of the basic concepts of object-oriented programing methodology. It allows a class to “inherit” the properties and methods of an existing class by extending it. Unless the child class “overrides” the methods of the existing class, they will maintain their original functionality. The relationship between these classes is called a parent-child relationship.... » read more

Implement Merge Sort using C++

In this article, you will learn about a sorting algorithm that uses divide and conquer strategy to sort an array. Merge sort first divides an array into equal parts and then combines them after sorting. A C++ Implement of Merge Sort To understand how merge sort works, let’s consider an array called arr[] having a... » read more

Implement Heap Sort using C++

A heap is a tree-based data structure in which the tree is almost a complete binary tree. The maximum number of a child node in a binary heap is at most 2. Implement a Heap Sort Function using C++ In a binary heap, the height of a heap tree is log2N if the heap is... » read more

How to parse JSON using PHP

In this example, we will learn how to parse or read a JSON object using PHP built-in function. JSON Let’s create a separate file for the JSON. Copy-paste the following line of the code and save the file as “test.json” {"a":"apple","b":"banana","c":"carrot"} PHP PHP provides two variants of json_decode to parse or read the JSON. Parse... » read more

Linear Search in PHP

The following function searches for an element $x from an array called $arr by going through each element of the array, one by one. If the element is found in the array, the function returns the index of the element, otherwise, it returns -1. Linear Search function using PHP <?php function search($arr, $x) { for($i... » read more

Implement Bubble Sort using C++

How to implement Buble Sort method using C++ For example, to sort an array of elements 3,1,2 in ascending order, bubble sort will compare the first pair of adjacent numbers 3 and 1. As 3 is greater than 1, these values will be swapped. The array will be 1,3,2. In the next iteration, 3 and... » read more

Implement Bucket Sort using C++

Implement a Bucket Sort method using C++ You can use bucket sort if the input values are distributed uniformly over a given range. Mostly, the bucket sort is used to sort floating-point numbers in the range [0,1] Needless to say, the recursive implementation of the bucket sorting algorithm uses the bucket sorting to sort the... » read more

How to find Factorial of a large number using C++

Factorial of a non-negative number n is expressed as n!. Mathematically, Factorial is defined as: By default, the factorial of zero is defined to be 1. For example, if you have to find the factorial of 5, multiple all positive integers less than or equal to 5. There are a few ways to write the... » read more

Understanding Garbage Collection in .NET

Garbage Collection in .NET has been hailed as a smart new feature introduced to the .Net platform that is designed to relieve the programmer from having to perform explicit memory management roles. That way, it works as a sort of an automatic memory manager of sorts. And an efficient one at that too, performing in... » read more

How to create an ASP.Net Core Custom Middleware

Middleware in ASP.Net Core refers to a piece of software code that is assembled in an app pipeline to process requests and responses. In other words, middleware determines how the application is going to react in response to HTTP requests. Create a Custom Middleware in ASP.Net Core Each of the components essentially performs two tasks,... » read more